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APEX Thermal Services - Serving the Hudson Valley and Capital District
Commercial Solar Hot Water Solution-Umami Cafe - Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Roof Mount Solar Pool Heating Solution-Danbury, CT
Getting the Thumbs up for Solar Pool Heating, Stormville, NY
PV Powered Solar Heating Solution - Sleepy Hollow, NY
Commercial Solar Hot Water Solution - Wild Center, Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, Tupper Lake, NY
Residental Solar Hot Water and Radiant Heating Solution - Near Albany, NY
Ground-Mounted Solar Pool Heating Solution- High Mount, NY




Here's a time lapse of our project in Sleepy Hollow, NY. We installed the solar collectors on the left side of the roof. Thanks to OnForce Solar for the video.

Welcome to: APEX Thermal Services

The Hudson Valley's Experts in Implementing Solar Heating

and Alternative-Energy Solutions!

Call This Number for Energy Savings: 845-430-5825

Proudly Serving the Hudson Valley and Capital District of NY State since 2006!

Are you striving to lower or eliminate your utility bills?  Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint?  Are you heating a pool with expensive fossil fuel and looking for an alternative?  Are you designing or building a Net Zero Energy Home?  Are you considering installing radiant heating?  Contact APEX Thermal Services for assistance!

Our Goal is to Help You Reduce Your Energy Costs!

At APEX Thermal Services, We Provide "Award Winning" Commercial and Residential Consultation, Design and Installation of the most efficient Conventional and Solar Energy Systems!

Our Hydronic Design and Installation Expertise Includes: Conventional and High-Efficiency Boilers and Water Heaters, Radiant Heating and Snow-Melt Systems, Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Pool Heating Systems, Solar Assisted Space Heating Systems and Solar and Conventionally Heated Radiant Heating Systems, Mini-Split (Heating/Air Conditioning) Systems

Electrical Systems Expertise - Add New Electrical Circuits, New Lighting, New Construction Projects, Expert Electrical Troubleshooting.  We also install Stand-by Generators and Battery Back-up Systems to keep you and your critical systems up and running during power interruptions

Off-Grid Systems Expertise: Off-Grid Solar Hot Water Systems, Off-Grid Attic Ventilation Systems, Off-Grid Water Pumping Systems, Off-Grid PV/Battery Power Systems

Expect Honesty, Integrity and Free Assessments!

Alan J. Paul, Founder of APEX Thermal Services is

a NABCEP Certified Solar Heating Installer

and a Certified Energy Manager. 

We are here to help you reduce your utility expenses!

Solar Hot Water Systems

20130623 132338At APEX Thermal Services, we specialize in the design and installation of Solar Hot Water and Space Heating Systems.  People decide to buy a solar hot water system for a variety of reasons.  In some cases, the main reason to save money on water heating and spcce heating bills, by making an up-front investment.

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Get a 55% Tax Credit on Solar Thermal in New York

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NY Residential property owners can get Tax Credits totaling up to 55 percent of the total project cost for installing a Solar Thermal System (Solar Water Heating System).  Yes, most homeowners will get 55% of the entire system cost refunded back to them, in their next tax return!

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Solar Pool Heating

Pool HeatingWith today's high and ever-rising fuel costs, heating swimming pools with electricity or fossil fuels may soon be expenses beyond many of our means.   Solar Pool Heating Systems make the most of the sun, and can provide automatic control of pool temperatures, up to or beyond 80 degrees Fahrenheit (whatever your desired temperature setting).  Does it make sense to pay to heat your pool over and over again, only to have the heat escape within hours?  We are certified solar heating experts and can assist you toward having a comfortable pool, without any or with greatly reduced pool heating costs!  If You want to heat your pool, Solar Pool Heating is much more affordable than continually using fossil fuels.  Contact APEX Thermal Services at: 845 430 5825.

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