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Alan J. Paul, Founder of APEX Thermal Services, Highland, NY and NABCEP Certified Solar Heating InstallerAlan J. Paul, Founder of APEX Thermal Services, Highland, NY and NABCEP Certified Solar Heating InstallerIn 2006, APEX Thermal Services was founded by Alan J. Paul, to provide green plumbing and energy-conservation related services to the Hudson Valley Region of upstate New York.  APEX Thermal Services specializes in the design and installation of high-efficiency space heating and solar energy systems.  Our services include installation of standard and high-efficiency boilers and water heaters, solar thermal (solar hot water) systems, including off-grid solar hot water systems and solar pool heating systems.  Services also include the design and installation of fossil-fuel or solar space heating systems, including radiant heating and snow-melt systems.  We pride ourselves on the selection of high-quality US made products when ever possible, and we put a lot of care into the quality of the installation, including thoughtfulness regarding future serviceability.  

APEX Thermal Services provides its quality services to: Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Ulster County, Sullivan County, Greene County and Columbia County.   We occasionally work in Albany County, Rensselaer County and Schenectady County as well.

Mr. Paul is a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners Solar Heating Installer, and is also a CEM (Certified Energy Manager)  through the Association of Energy Engineers.  His background includes vocational training in the electrical trades.  He is a graduate of DeVry Technical Institute, with focused studies in electronics.  His career includes commercial/institutional expertise in: elevator systems, HVAC air and water balancing, steam and water distribution systems, expense reduction consultation, service contract analysis, and for the past 24+ years, both engineering consultation and technical sales in the energy and water conservation industry.

During his career, Mr. Paul has assisted hundreds of clients across the country, in better understanding and reducing their utility and operating expenses, including: hospitals, nursing homes, universities, K-12 schools, hotels, office buildings, correctional facilities, apartment complexes, restaurants, dairies, car washes, as well as individual residential customers.    

We serve the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York and beyond.  We typically provide installations within about 60 miles, but we do travel farther, on occasion.  It is hard for us to turn down an opportunity to help someone improve their situation.  Either new-construction or retrofit, commercial or residential, we can design and implement meaningful projects that, will reduce utility consumption and costs!  We are able to provide consulting and system design services, no matter where you are located!  We are dedicated to assisting you in reducing your dependence on fossil fuels.  As a nation, we are definitely "addicted to oil."  It is time to make use of available technologies to reduce energy consumption and our dependence on foreign and domestic energy sources.  The big oil companies don't offer much help here. . .  They just raise their prices!  We have to help ourselves!!!     

Solar Water Heating and Solar Air Heating Systems and other basic design approaches have been utilized for ages, to assist in providing convenience and comfort.  Take a look atSix Solar Hot Water Collectors provide heat for the pool, domestic water and space heating, Central Valley, Orange County, NYSix Solar Hot Water Collectors provide heat for the pool, domestic water and space heating, Central Valley, Orange County, NY some of the old farm houses in your area.  Way back when, so many homes and buildings were actually oriented to make the most of the sun.  These days, not so much.  In most cases though, we can usually do something to reduce your fuel expenditures.  Our solar hot water, solar pool heating and solar space heating systems utilize high quality components and fine workmanship.  Our installations are well designed and neatly laid out, with system performance and ease of future serviceability in mind.  We specialize in designing custom controls to integrate your solar energy collection with your existing equipment, whenever that makes sense.

If you are totally engulfed in trees, that could eliminate solar energy systems, however, there are still so many things you can do inside.  These approaches are not rocket science; in fact they are rather basic.  Upgrading to Energy Star appliances and improving insulation values can have a great impact.  Are your doors and windows leaky?  How efficient is your boiler or furnace?  In the past several years, most manufacturers have come out with ultra high-efficiency models.  It would not be unheard of to achieve a 15% to 40% efficiency improvement, just through replacing your boiler or furnace.  That is a big chunk or energy savings awaiting your decision to take action.  Besides installing Solar Water Heating Systems, we also install standard and high-efficiency boilers and water heating systems.  Contact APEX Thermal Services for a no-cost assessment/price quote.  

How about your existing domestic water heater.  If it is direct fired (it has a flue pipe up the center), most models are constantly loosing energy up the chimney.  If you also have a boiler, you might wish to consider replacing your direct-fired water heater with an indirect tank.  This will eliminate the 24/7 up-the-flue losses.  Purchase a unit with thicker insulation to further reduce stand-by losses, and your efficiency will be vastly improved, from your current situation.  Often, we provide this upgrade before we install our solar hot water heating systems.  It makes so much sense.  With the upward pressure on fuel costs, we will all eventually be taking these steps; ultimately, to avoid financial ruin.  Contact APEX Thermal Services to discuss such efficiency improvements for your home or business.  

Do you have radiant heating?  If so, contact APEX Thermal Services immediately, to discuss opportunities to supply solar heat directly to these systems.  We suggest you contact us immediately, because your savings potential is significant and should not be left on the table.  A larger solar thermal system can potentially provide 50% or more of your space heating energy requirements.  Why pay the fuel-oil company, propane company or the utility, over and over again?  Solar thermal systems are a great match with radiant slabs, and radiant heated floors (especially radiant heated floors with tubing installed above the sub floor).  From our perspective, there is nothing better than a solar hot water system and radiant heated slab combination (we call this combination a solar slab), as a significant amount of the slab's heating energy can come from the sun!

Roof-Mounted Solar Pool Heating System - North Brunswick, NJ, Middlesex CountyRoof-Mounted Solar Pool Heating System - North Brunswick, NJ, Middlesex CountyAre you heating your swimming pool with electricity or fossil fuel?  Consider a solar pool heating system to take a big slice out of, or to completely eliminate, that expense. 

Repeated $1,000 oil-tank fill ups can cause financial hardship.  A basic two-collector solar hot water system can approach annual savings of $1,000 per year.  With Tax Credits, most systems pay for themselves in four to six years.  An investment in a solar water heating system is an investment in lower monthly operating costs and an improved financial situation.  Your savings will increase year after year, as energy costs continue to rise.

Sick of high fuel costs?  We are!  Your energy company will likely survive if you cut down on your usage somewhat.  Only you can determine your own pain threshold?  Our past customers have already reached their limit.  Is it time to make a change in your energy footprint?  When your time is right, APEX Thermal Services will be here when you need us!

Contact APEX Thermal Services at: (845) 430 5825 or e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss your energy conservation goals, or we can assist you in developing some.  We at APEX Thermal Services look forward to the opportunity to serve you.  We appreciate any comments, ideas and input you could provide regarding the improvement of our website and our services.  Please email or call us with your thoughts, comments and project opportunities.  You can also contact APEX Thermal Services directly through our "Contact  Us" page.  

 Best Regards,  
Alan J. Paul, CEM, Founder APEX Thermal Services
Telephone: (845) 430 5825   Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.