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Help us Sell a Solar Water Heating, Pool Heating or Radiant Heating Project and You can Make $Money$ with APEX Thermal Services' Referral Program!

APEX Thermal Services Launches New Referral Program

If you, a friend, acquaintance, neighbor or family member, are interested in saving money on water-heating costs, APEX Thermal Services' referral program can put a chunk of money in your pocket!  APEX Thermal Services, a green-plumbing firm and premiere solar hot water and radiant heating installer located in the Hudson Valley of upstate New York, is officially launching its new referral program, making it open and available to past customers and to the general public! Two 6-Collector Solar Thermal Systems upper roof and forground of lower roof heat the pool and domestic hot water Port Jefferson NY Suffolk CountyTwo 6-Collector Solar Thermal Systems upper roof and forground of lower roof heat the pool and domestic hot water Port Jefferson NY Suffolk County

Solar Thermal (Hot Water) Systems

Residential, Hotels, Apartment Complexes, Commercial Establishments, New Construction, Zero-Energy Homes/Builders

If we close on a sale of a basic 2-collector system, the referral amount = $350

If we close on a sale of a 3-collector system, the referral amount = $500

If we close on a sale of a 4-collector system, the referral amount = $650

Every additional collector after a 4-collector system will result in an additional $150 toward your effort

Solar Pool Heating and Radiant Heating Systems

Residential, Hotels, Community Pools, Commercial Establishments, New Construction, Zero-Energy Homes/Builders

APEX Thermal Services will provide a referral fee of 2.5% of the total project cost, for warm leads (as described below) leading to signed contracts for solar pool heating or radiant heating projects.  Similar referral fees may be available for other Services we provide and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  Please read and understand our terms to qualify for getting paid for a referral.  Read on, Read on!

Basically, introduce us to parties (including yourself) interested in solar hot water, solar pool heating and radiant heating projects and, if the project goes to contract, we will cut you a check!  At present, heating water with electricity, oil or propane are considerably more expensive than heating water with natural gas.  Therefore, people residing in regions without natural gas pipelines will have more savings potential available to them, and you may find them more receptive to energy savings opportunities.  

To help you in conversations with interested parties: The vast majority of residential customers purchasing solar projects in NY State are eligible for State and Federal Tax Credits of up to 55% of total project cost.  That means most customers would receive 55% of the total project cost, taken off their tax bill or refunded back to them, within the next tax filing season!  Commercial entities are entitled to 30% Federal Tax Credits off of the entire project cost (no dollar limit)! 

If you are of working age with a pleasant personality and have reasonable conversational skills, you can earn yourself a referral fee.  Our website and others contain a wealth of information that can assist you in educating yourself and people who might benefit from available tax credits and the technologies we regularly install. 

With our referral program, you don't even need to make or close a sale, we are just asking for a warm lead, with complete contact information, leading to an interested decision maker, at the other end!  Ultimately, the person should recall that they spoke to you and they should have expressed an interest in learning more about their potential water-heating, energy savings and tax credit opportunities.  They should be expecting my call!

We need to set up some regional guidelines:

First, APEX Thermal Services' regular installation region includes the Hudson Valley and Capital Regions of upstate New York.  APEX Thermal Services regularly serves the following counties: Westchester County, Orange County, Ulster County, Dutchess County, Greene County, Sullivan County, Columbia County.  We also occasionally work in Rensselaer County, Delaware County, Albany County and Schenectady County.  We do not currently maintain licensing for installations in Putnam or Rockland Counties or in the State of Connecticut.  APEX Thermal Services is a licensed Home Improvement Contractor, within Westchester County.  We may consider obtaining appropriate licenses for projects outside the stated counties or within other states, based on the size of the project opportunity.  The five boroughs of NYC may also present some logistical or licensing/permitting challenges. 

APEX Thermal Services also offers design and consultation services, which could assist interested parties wherever they are located.  Please understand that APEX Thermal Services reserves the right to follow-up or pass on any leads you may provide.  If one actually results in a sale, we absolutely intend to make it worth your while!

Besides residential projects, any establishment that uses a significant amount of energy to make hot water is a great candidate, for example, you may wish to target: Apartment Complexes, Colleges, Hotels, Restaurants, Bed & Breakfasts, Car Washes, Office Complexes, Laundries, etc.  Help us sell a 10-collector system to a hotel, laundromat or car wash and you could earn $1,550! 

Schools, Fire Houses, government-owned, municipal and some commercial entities may require a bidding process, meaning other parties will have a shot at the contract, so these projects could be a bit harder and take longer to secure.

Best of luck!  We totally appreciate your efforts!  Thank You!

Contact Alan J. Paul, the Founder of APEX Thermal Services, to learn more!

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