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Don & Marie in Southern Dutchess
2014-05-01, 18:27
We have a fiberglass pool and had a propane heater. 3 fill-ups a year was getting way too expensive so we looked into solar. Apex came in, did an evaluation and listened to our expectations. This is our 3rd year of no propane bills. We keep the automatic thermostat at 85 with no headaches of a propane bill. The system has paid for itself this year, and now, the green we save is the green in our pockets.
Apex are pros and did a great install which meets our needs. We open the pool in April and close it in October. Oh and the panels are Made in U.S.A! Thanx Apex.
Let the sun shine on!
David Sandbank
2014-04-15, 17:09
Alan from APEX Thermal Services installed both solar thermal pool heating and domestic hot water heating systems at my Westchester County home. Alan's work is top notch. He is very easy to work with and his knowledge of solar and energy as a whole is vast. There are not a lot of people with the skill set Alan has and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to install a solar hot water or pool heating system.
Cathy McNamara
2013-12-04, 22:13
In 2012, Alan from Apex Thermal Services designed and installed a solar pool heating system for our pool, in Woodstock, NY. It was installed on top of our pool house and the cost was reasonable. It has worked beyond expectations....I love warm water! When my husband is not around I can heat the pool to 90! We turn it down for him...part of the give and take. It was a pleasure to have the system installed, and it was quick also. Thank you Alan!!
Steve Bluestone
2013-11-03, 17:14
Alan from APEX Thermal Services installed a solar hot water heating system on our home several years ago. The system has performed better than expected. Just recently, I did happen to notice that the system stopped performing. I called Alan and he came over promptly to check it out. When he determined that the issue was related to a minor workmanship defect, rather than state "it's out of warranty" (which it was), Alan did the right thing and fixed it on the spot, for no charge. It is this kind of service and attention to detail that makes some stand out more than others. APEX Thermal Services is the best!
2013-10-22, 21:17
We are very happy with our Solar Hot Water Heating system. We appreciate Mr. Paul's professionalism during the installation and that the system was installed in a timely manner and at a very good price. I would highly recommend APEX Thermal Services to anyone who would consider a Solar Hot Water Heating system or any other systems or services that Mr. Paul offers.